Hey guys,

me and my friend Elias got some new Apple stuff to our birthdays some months ago so we thought we should make someone else very happy.

Selling the items wouldn’t bring that much money, because they are already a couple of years old. So we thought of starting a giveaway to share our stuff and also to gain a few followers . And when we started creating this giveaway we had the idea to put the cigs and the sweater into the package just to make it a little bit more classy : D 

!!! RULES !!! 

  1. Reblog this post as much as you want (this would increase your chances since we would recognize you)
  2. Follow our both blogs young-ver-sace and ost-kreuz
  3. And follow our both Instagrams @denizzzcan and @berlias

The giveaway will last until the end of June 2014. We really just want to share our stuff , get some followers and make someone happy . So we hope you will all take part of this and don’t worry this is not a fake ! We will obviously control if the rules are followed with tumblrcheck and ask the winner for his instagram name. So please follow the rules :)

If you have any questions just contact us. 

Good luck to everyone and have fun !


Liege immernoch im Bett und habe meinen Schlafanzug an. Ich bin furchtbar müde und die Sonne scheint. Alle sind schon fleißig auf den Beinen nur ich liege hier und tue gar nichts.